Thursday, November 14, 2013

Meow means Hello

Meow!  This is Rino.  He was adopted at 2 months old from the Irvine Animal Care Center.

The second this little guy made eye contact, life has never been the same.  Rino and I cannot wait to share our adventures with you all.

A shout out to the Irvine Animal Care Center.  The adoption process was very easy and pricing was very fair.  Being first time adopters, my boyfriend (let's call him Frog Prince) and I felt surprisingly comfortable through the whole process.  The staff were all very educated and took the time to make sure we were too.  We even got to bond with the cat in a private room before making the big decision.  Our decision on Rino was a no-brainer.  How could you resist that face?!

For adoption logistics, look here and let me know about your adoption experience.

Do you have a pet?  Did you adopt? Was it love at first sight?  Tell me your story.

Thanks for reading!
- Awkward Penguin

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